"My" plan

FACT. I have the constant need to feel in control (of my academic career)…

I graduated high-school in ‘08 and have been at this higher education thing for about 5 years now. This freaked me out. It’s only supposed to take me 4 years to get through my undergrad! What am I doing with my life?! What do I want to be when I grow up?! English major, no dance major, no premed major: NO…Every semester I plan out what courses I need to enroll in only to find that this field was not the one I want to devote the rest of my life to. As frustrating as it was I finally realized “my” plan does not matter. It only makes me freak out.

I’m happy to report I’ve landed on Mass Communications. So here’s to not knowing what will come of that and being okay with whatever He has in store…

books to read..

  1. atlas shrugged 
  2. catch-22
  3. bordertown
  4. 1984
  5. moby dick
  6. the scarlet letter
  7. alice’s adventures in wonderland
  8. little women
  9. huckleberry finn
  10. the picture of dorian gray
  11. ulysses
  12. the trial
  13. charlotte’s web
  14. lolita
  15. the fountainhead
  16. the grapes of wrath
  17. a clockwork orange
  18. the sun also rises
  19. the call of the wild
I am Yours, do what You wish. I am Yours, I am Yours, and I know this. Whatever happens next is in Your hands, in Your plans- nothing less. Every day there is a choice, and through the joy, through the pain I will rejoice. I am Yours, do what You wish. I am Yours, I am Yours and I know this
Bryce Avary @therocketsummer

dormlife. part four.

so, this semester was a success!

As much as I enjoyed living “on my own”, I’m glad to be back home with my family, and good food. I’ve been off for about a week and it has been an adjustment getting back to doing things like cleaning my own bathroom and doing dishes, but its well worth it. Sterry Hall was a very old building and it had the weirdest scent (moldy old home & their owners) and throughout the semester my sister would complain about my clothes having that odor. I knew not what she spoke of until we moved all of my things out of the dorm and back home. In short, IT STINKS!! Hopefully in the semesters to come the res halls won’t have that same scent or be any worse.

I’m very glad its summer, but because my future is “Leslie A. Alonzo, M.D.”, my major is biology and there is NO time for breaks. That being said, hello summer semester at ACC.

One month off and its back to the world of academia. But it’s not so bad, the nerd in me is getting bored with watching nonsense on tv all day and not having anything to do (but on the bright side i’ve taught myself how to play the piano…).

☀ So here’s to the shortest summer ever! ☀

dormlife. part three.

busy. although the posts have been on temporary hiatus, by mind certainly has not. these past few weeks have been filled with the out pour of information from the very qualified minds that stand before me each day and relay concepts and ideas that stand between me and an above average gpa.

my taste buds are just now starting to resent panda’s orange chicken and white rice and the hut’s pepperoni pizza. but i must say it hasn’t reached the point of refusal or repulsion, so i’d say everything’s okay. the arduos terrain is not so difficult to handle anymore. in fact, mine just might qualify as the aforementioned ”texas state legs”.

i finally attended a campus ministry organization meeting and was quite surprised. i say finally because for the first couple of weeks i had every excuse i could think of not to go. the idea of walking into a new place solo in itself hindered any action.  on top of the fact that i didn’t want to end up walking into an uncomfortable situation with “Jesus Freaks” that were a little too freaky. But much to my surprise, this organization was refreshingly similar, yet so different, to that of my past. It’s nice to know that while thrust into the world, there are others out there who “believe that what they believe is really real” just as much as i do. the plans for making this a habitual task have already been set in motion.

i am experiencing new things; some of which are not so pleasant. for example the scent of drugs is one i never thought i’d know, but in fact have been exposed to. (before you freak out it was involuntary, secondhand, and unsought after, but what can one expect while spending the evening with drizzy and his buddies?) curiosity of the aroma and its affects were diminished, however the choice is still quite curious to me. the characters that sat two feet in from of me didn’t realize the ramifications of engaging in such behavior in a public setting. in a word: police. they were escorted from the building however, many others had the same idea and by the end of the night, the arena was foggy and i was freaking out a little. the nerd in me couldn’t help but think of my precious brain cells and lungs that were suffering. sure, some might say i was being dramatic, but hey, one can never really be too cautious with those things. anyway, crisis averted. i exited in one piece and my brain function has been fine, at least i hope ;). 

one of my “new” favorite things (in the free time i rarely have between lectures, labs, and the ever present homework that hovers over my head) is rediscovering great things. i.e. music, movies, books. some of which i’ve heard, seen, or read, others that are completely new to be but old to the rest of the world.

  • Hootie and the Blowfish. i forgot how awesome Darius Rucker is! i mean i know he branched off to a solo country career that isn’t horrible, but is not nearly as good as the old days.
  • Dawson’s Creek. i knew of the show and distinctly remember a certain person  in my family watching it when i was younger (but i won’t mention any names). It’s a great show. The dialogue is very witty and although the plot makes it obvious, the diction often makes me forget that the characters are only sixteen years old.
  • On the Road. Jack Keruoac. i’m in the beginning stages of a reread. 8th or 9th grade was sort of a long time ago, and i do remember liking the book, but i feel like i should reread it once more and see if and what i missed the first time through.

(coincidentally, all of these things remind me of my older brother. non-coincidentally, i really miss that guy!… oops perhaps i said too much…)

well, spring break is just around the corner. and i can not wait! i recently took a look at the rest of my life—the future. and the verdict is in. i am going to be swamped for the next couple of years. it hit me like a ton of bricks and i had a momentary panic attack. what i thought was a smart plan to get all of my general undergrad courses out of the way first… sucks! now the remeaining semesters will be jam packed with bio, chem, physics, calculus, and upper level spanish clasess. YAY! 

for now that is all. life in the dormitory is studious.

dormlife. part two.

imagefirst week of classes was a success.

the campus is basically an outdoor gym. fully equipped with multiple stair climbers and many inclined treadmills over 457 acres. the library is seven stories and giant :D! scary sterry is four stories and there is no elevator. i’m told that within a few weeks i’ll have “texas state legs” (i guess that’s a good thing?…we’ll see)

not only will i get a physical workout, but also a mental.

my classes: organismal bio lecture and lab, calc I, span IV, and us history. so far so good. homework includes spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks, (oh the price we pay for knowledge…) and tons of time reading them. oh and as part of my calculus class i have to keep a blog (yeah! for math!) documenting my “learning journey” throughout the semester.

my roommate, R.K., well, she’s pretty awesome. turns out she’s from the small town where my brother lives. (small world, right?)

the dining hall food doesn’t come close to what my mom can whip up in the kitchen, of course, but it suffices. i’m just not used to eating this much junk everyday. chick-fil-a, pizza hut, einstein brothers. and although my week was interrupted by a day of sickness, mommy lives close enough that she came and gave me soup and crackers. (wonderwoman!)

hmmm.. what more can i say. i like it here.

more to come soon.

dormlife. part one.

a new chapter of my life is here. the past few days have been filled with shopping, packing, moving, and more shopping. for the first time, i’m leaving the bird nest and will experience dorm life. apparently i’m attending a very well known “party school”. although those are definitely not my plans, i am excited to call myself a bobcat. tonight is the first night “on my own”.

i’ve yet to meet my roommate. so unfortunately the only person i know on campus is Murel from the veteran’s affairs office, but he’s old, and not really a potential candidate for a forever friend.

tomorrow’s agenda includes a campus tour, obtaining my student id, and making some new friends. (oh, and i am really looking forward to see the campus library). 

but as far as tonight, my chair pillow, sherpa blanket and some tv are calling my name.

more to come…

hmm.. any takers?

So I was excepted to Texas State and I move January 10. Here’s the kicker… it would be nice to have some spending money. So I am on a scholarship hunt. And in doing so, here is a site for my fellow broke college students.

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Thanks in advance…

Re-Post (a year and twenty four days ago!)

TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2011

The Move

Twas the day before Christmas, all the packing was done.

We set off to Austin, a new life had begun.

The Yukon XL was jam packed with our stuff.

Twenty-four hours of driving we knew would be tough.

Our family was nestled all snug in our seats,

While bilboards and state signs passed by on the streets.

And Kumbs in his ‘kercheif and us in our coats

Had just settled the nerves and the lumps in our throats.

When there up ahead a sign had been spotted,

"Now Leaving S.C." our stomachs were knotted.

Goodbye to our hometown we looked back at it all,

We’re on to our next stop, the next port of call.

The sun in the sky had just started to rise,

and new beginnings could be seen in our eyes.

We stopped here and there for a few needed breaks,

and we all agreed not to eat Steak ‘N Shake.

A few hours more of driving remained,

We decided to continue and no one complained.

When, what to my wandering eyes should appear,

Eleven fifty-five! Christmas was near!

Midnight had struck and my sis was at rest,

but we commenced the gift giving as we headed out west.

The excitement of Christmas would soon reach its peak,

"Welcome to Texas" we all let out a shriek!

Our trip was now ending and we had finally arrived,

Twenty four hours in the Yukon and we made it, survived!

Unloaded what seemed like a lifetime of stuff,

But would soon realize the amount was still not enough.

In the months that would follow we’d explore all the sites,

And soon we’d be called true “Austinites”.